Make Spring Cleaning Easy with These Quick Car Cleaning Tips

car cleaning tips

Despite a few cold pop ups, spring has officially sprung. The coming summer sun is starting to warm up thousands along Lake Erie’s still-slightly-dreary shoreline. Unfortunately, that same summer sun is now shining a spotlight on all the dust and gunk that’s accumulated on and in your car over the winter.

Help your car look as shiny and new as the weather (finally) does with these quick car cleaning tips:

Empty out the trunk and rear seating

It’s not just the mounds of snow that pile up over the winter — garbage, boxes, wrappers, and more tend to snowball between November and April. Throw out what you don’t need and properly store what you need to keep until next winter. Cleaning big items out of your trunk can also improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Focus on the carpets and upholstery

First, vacuum away any large pieces such as chunks of rock salt and miscellaneous wrappers. Wash down carpets and seating with a damp wash cloth and dish soap. After it dries, run it over one more time with the vacuum.

Don’t forget under the hood

Dirt, leaves, and other debris can collect under the hood of your car and cause mechanical problems later on. Make sure you clean out the engine area carefully.

If your car needs any post-winter maintenance, stop by Jack Matia Honda and speak with a representative from our service department.

Auto Terms Glossary

Auto Terms GlossaryAnti-lock Braking System – Abbreviated as ABS, the Anti-lock Braking System senses the wheel rotations and automatically pumps the brakes when a driver suddenly performs a hard stop. The pumping prevents the wheels from locking up, allowing drivers to retain the ability to steer.

Alloy Wheels – Many wheels are made of steel, but an alloy wheel is made of a mixture of two or more metals. Most alloy wheels are primarily made of aluminum.

All-Season Tires – Most vehicles roll off the production line with all-season tires. This type of tire combines the major benefits of summer and winter tires, providing good traction during winter road conditions and not wearing as quickly on hot, dry pavement.

Automatic Transmission – Unlike a manual transmission, an automatic transmission uses the power and torque of a powertrain to automatically change gears as the vehicle moves. The driver doesn’t have to have any interaction with a clutch to change gears.

Climate Control System – This is a system that includes the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation.

Coupe – A coupe is a two-door car with the rear seats enclosed.

Environmental Protection Agency – Abbreviated as EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency is a federal agency that regulates air quality and sets fuel economy and emissions standards.

Hatchback – A hatchback is usually a three- or five-door vehicle that features a full rear door with a rear window.

Horsepower – Commonly abbreviated as hp, horsepower is the power produced by an engine and is an indicator of how powerful a vehicle’s engine is.

Muscle Car – The term was born in the mid-1950s and described cars with high horsepower. It’s still in use today and is interchangeable with “pony car.”

Sedan – A sedan is a vehicle that features four doors with a fixed roof and a standard trunk.

Torque – Expressed as lb-ft, torque is the force exerted by the engine on the crankshaft. Engines that produce high torque at low rpm will accelerate faster.

How to Prep Your Car For Winter

Prep Your Car
Knowing when and how to prep your car for the winter months is a crucial skill. Here are a few pointers for you to check out.

Knowing when and how to prep your car for the winter months is a crucial skill. Here are a few pointers.

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Cold temperatures cause tires to lose their air pressure faster. As a result, you’ll lose traction and get worse fuel economy. Check and fill your tires regularly.

Test Your Battery

When the air gets cold, your battery is also affected, often lowering its capacity. Make sure your battery can take the extreme drop in temperature.

Invest In New Wiper Blades

Wipers do a lot of work in the winter when it comes to moving slush, grime, and ice out of the way, so a new set is definitely in order.

Replace and Clean Exterior Lights

Visibility is critical in the winter, so make sure you check your headlights, taillights, turn signals, and all other exterior lights to ensure they work. Additionally, try cleaning headlight covers on the inside for brighter lights.

Add a Coat of Wax

Most people think finishing the exterior of their car with wax is purely a cosmetic thing. It preserves the color and prevents the usual wear and tear that comes with age. However, a coat of wax can also prevent corrosive road salt from damaging the lower half of your vehicle.

If you need any help when you prep your car for winter, let us know here at Jack Matia Honda.